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It's not uncommon for Frederick to dream of drowning.

Not here. Here, he often slips into the same nightmare, a dream that's frightening only because the water is so warm, because it would be all too easy to sink into its dark, comfortable depths and never want to come out again. Even as he watches his breath float away in bubbles that sparkle in the darkness like stars, it's the thought of staying that makes his chest feel tight, a feeling that remains even after he opens his eyes and breathes in the night air. It's enough to make him feel like the gentle embrace around his shoulders is choking him, and he escapes it as quickly as he can without waking the person sleeping beside him.

Once free, he sits up, pausing only briefly to steal a glimpse of that angelic faceā€”full, sensitive lips, long eyelashes, and a slight crease between the brows that's bound to haunt him for a while.

His heart flutters impatiently in his chest, tugging at his soul with a familiar urge.

Fly. Run away.

He sneaks lightly out of the bed and makes his way over to the chair, to retrieve only what clothing he needs to step out into the hallway and get to his room. Once dressed to his satisfaction, he walks out the door, his thoughts wandering a bit.
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