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Birthdate:Mar 5
Location:United States of America
Important Physical Characteristics: Frederick is in his mid-twenties, stands somewhere around 5'8", has ginger-blond hair that reaches past his shoulders, and grey eyes. He's somewhat effeminate and very well-groomed, and always wears Victorian-style suits (circa 1887) that are unusual only because they are in various, bright shades of purple.

Frederick Mayhawk is one of seven Astral Knights—the Queen's secret guard made up of the most elite astromancers, or users of astral magic. Frederick is the knight born under the sign of Mercury, and as such he has the power to affect air currents and negate gravity. He's very skilled, but he hasn't seen much in the way of battle, and since he's been a member of the Astral Order for less than six years, it's difficult to call him experienced.

Frederick is originally from Ireland, and speaks in a lilting Irish accent. Not much is known about why he came to London or how he eventually ended up in the service of the Crown, and he doesn't seem particularly inclined to tell anyone about it.

He doesn't seem to take his job very seriously, however. He spends most of his days idling about or playing cards with his colleagues, and most of his evenings out having a good time. He's a dandy to the core and an insufferable flirt, who has a habit of batting his eyelashes and cooing sweet nothings to anyone he happens to encounter. When he's not doing that, he's probably fussing about his appearance—which he is, of course, exceedingly vain about.

***For pups who can sense magic: If your pup can sense the amount and/or location of magical energy, Frederick has a lot of it. (How much, relatively, is up for discussion of course.) The convergence of his energy (or any other Mercury astromancer's) is located around his collarbone, just beneath his throat. Your pup may also notice another source of energy, contained in a sword-shaped pendant that Frederick normally wears beneath his clothing.

Disclaimer: The character Frederick Mayhawk is from Astralis and is the property of Katrina Bender. He appears here with permission from the author, solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]mixed_muses, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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